Hitchcock is a bio pic on Alfred Hitchcock and his journey making his hit film Psycho.

The film shows Hitchcock’s struggles getting the rights o make the movie and his his filming of the movie.

The film also goes into detail on Hitchcock’s relationship with his wife Alma, and her influence on Hitchcock’s movies and Hitchcock himself.

My Thoughts:

This film I thought was very clever in many different ways. This could have been a boring movie, but with its intelligent script an good acting this movie was very enjoyable.

The storyline did a good job getting right into the story line and not spending too much time at the beginning explaining the background of the characters. The script was also good at keeping the audience interested. Just when you think the movie might be getting a little boring, something interesting and unexpected happens.

The acting was the best part o the movie. Anthony Hopkins played Alfred Hitchcock and he did a great job! He really was able to transform himself into his character and he made it very believable. He made his character interesting and I felt like I was watching the actual Alfred Hitchcock. Helen Mirren played Alma and she also did a great job. Alma’s character could have been portrayed really badly, but Mirren managed to make alma really likable and somebody many people could relate to. She had some intense and emotional scenes and she managed to make them really realistic. Another performance I want to commend was Scarlett Johansson. She played Janet Leigh who was the main character in Psycho. This part was a small roll that could have been done poorly but Scarlett managed to really get into character and the few scenes she was in, made them memorable. She held her own in the movie, and really was one of my favorite performances.

Before you see Hitchcock I would recommend seeing psycho first. There are many references to the actual movie that I wouldn’t have understood if I hadn’t of seen it first.

With the awards season beginning I think this film could get some Oscar nominations. I think Hopkins, Mirren and Johansson are all contenders.

All in all Hitchcock was a cute enjoyable movie. I give it 3 out of 4 stars!

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Psycho follows the story of a young woman named Marion. Marion wants to help out her boyfriend who needs some money, so when her work give her money to turn into the bank, she decides to run off with it.

While driving in a rain storm Marion drives up to a secluded motel called The Bates Motel.

Marion thinks everything will be ok, the motel seems comfy enough and the the owner of the motel, Norman is very nice.

However things don’t turn out as planned for Marion because Norman has is keeping some secrets from Marion about the motel and about himself.

My Thoughts:

I think this movie is really good. The acting was really good and Alfred Hitchcock did an amazing job creating suspense.

The plot of this movie was very clever. I was never quite sure what was going to happen. There are many twists that happen and it’s it was one of the most suspenseful movies I have ever seen. The cinematography was very creative as well. The way the famous shower scene was shot was very creative. Instead of just shooting the scene using one shot, he used many different shots that he put all together making it a very terrifying.

The acting was also very good in this movie. Janet Leigh did a very goo job getting into the character of Marion. She was able to show so much a lot of emotion with just her facials expressions. There were a couple scenes where where it was shots of her driving her car with the voices of people in her head and she did a good job showing many different emotions. She also did an amazing job looking scared in the famous shower scene. Anthony Perkins who played Norman Bates was very frightening. He did a great job looking the nice guy but then turning out to be a really creepy person at the same time. He will always stand out as one of the scariest villains IV seen in a movie.

The fact that this movie was made such a long time ago and was in black and white and it was still able to be that suspenseful and scary, shows how good of a film it is.

All in all I give Psycho 4 out of 4 stars!

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When members of a space shift get what they think is an SOS, they land on the planet where they think its coming from.

Once landed, half of the crew go exploring and half stay on the space ship. They crew also realizes there is some damage to the ship from the landing which will take awhile to repair.

The group exploring stumble upon a patch of strange looking eggs. One member touches an egg and it hatches, releasing a bizarre extra terrestrial parasite.

While all this is happening the group still on the ship realize the signal they thought was an SOS seems to actually be a warning.

With a broken ship, and an alien loose, and stuck on a uncharted planet the crew seem to be in big trouble. As the movies tag line says, in space no one can hear you scream.

My thoughts:
This is a really great movie on many levels. From the action, to the suspense, to the acting, to the effects, everything about this movie was really well done.

The first thing I want to compliment is the story line. The story took many different twists and turns, making hard to predict what was going to happen and which crew member would be the next target.

The acting in this movie really help make the movie as amazing as it was. The performance by Sigourney Weaver is the one that sticks out to the most to me. Weaver played the main character Ripley who was the most cautious crew member about stopping on the planet and even letting her other crew members go exploring. She literally watched as everything went down hill and chaos broke out. She did a great job looking scared and horrified, but also managing to make her character seem like a strong woman who could fight this alien. The other cast members were also great, but Weavers performance sticks out to me the most.

Finally I want to talk about the effects. For 1979, the effects were very impressive. The outer space, planet and ship effects really got me involved in the movie and made the setting very realistic. The most impressive effects were the alien effects. The effects treat did an amazing job creating a monster that was a true villain. For me, my heart started racing every time I saw it and was even a little scared it would pop out at me at night. They did a very effective job making a classic movie monster that sticks out to me as strongly as the sharks from Jaws does.

I wish more suspense sci-fi movie were like alien. Not to much explaining that needs to be done and is straight to the point with the suspense and mystery.

All in all I give Alien 4 out of 4 stars!

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Silver Linings Playbook


After 8 months in a mental institution, Pat returns back to his family.  He is determined to get his life back together with a new positive outlook on life.  His main goal is to get back with his ex-wife.  However, the reason Pat was in the metal institution was for almost beating to death the man who his wife was cheating on him with.

Then Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious depressed girl with problems of her own.  Tiffany offers to help Pat reconnect with his wife but only if he does a favor for her.

Unexpectedly, a special bond begins to form between Pat and Tiffany and both begin to change for the better.

My Thoughts:

All I could do after I saw this movie was smile and say wow and immediately began to tell my parents how amazing this movie was.  I’m not exaggerating, his movie is one of the best movies I’v seen in a long time.

I’ll start with the story line.  This isn’t just your typical love story.  This is a story about two people who are struggling with problems they have had for a long time.  problems with their families, problems with work and problems with themselves.  It is a beautiful story about friendship and finding happiness that just happens to have a long story woven in.  This is real life, unlike many love stories we see now in movies.  This movie really shows that everyone has a chance at friendship and love and most importantly a chance at happiness.

The acting in this movie was just amazing.  Bradly Cooper really did a great creating the character of Pat.  He made his character so realistic that I think many people could relate to. His managed to make himself really seem like he was a man who struggled with bi-polar disorder and wanted to make a change for the better.  Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely incredible as Tiffany.  Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses.  No matter what movie she is in she is always incredible but in this movie she really stepped turned on the amazing actress that she is.  She really managed to make her character somebody who actually seemed like she had genuine problems.  She started off as somebody who I thought was going to be a sort of bad guy who I wouldn’t really like, but as you learned her story she turned into a genuine real person who everyone could relate to in some way.  Other strong performances in the movie to compliment are Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver as Pat parents.

As Oscar season is starting to creep up on us, I really think Silver Linings Playbook is going to be a really strong contender for many wins and nominations.  I hope the academy will take a break from giving the Best Picture award to some film that takes place a long time ago and finally give it to a film like Silver Linings Playbook.  I think its time for a film about real life that many people can relate to and has a good message to start winning Best Picture again.

All in all I give Silver Linings Playbook 4 out of 4 stars!!!


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Ugly Betty

For this post I’m going to review another tv show.  


Ugly Betty follows the life of the main character Betty Suarez.  Betty wants a job at top fashion magazine Mode.  However, Betty isn’t your typical fashion worker.  Betty is overweight and has a style completely unique to herself.  At first Betty isn’t given the job, but is then given a call saying she is given the job.  Betty is working as the assistant for Editor in Chief Daniel Meade.  Seeing that Betty is beautiful like the rest of his coworkers is a jerk to Betty, making her do stupid jobs so she will quit her job as soon as possible.  However Betty isn’t broken easily and goes through with all these jobs.  

Betty eventually be-friends the closet worker Christina.  Its from Christina that Betty finds out she only got the job as Daniels assistant so he wouldn’t sleep with his assistant.

At mode magazine, the evil Wilhemina Slater will do anything to get Daniels job as editor in chief.  The Meade family has some crazy drama that might mean disaster for the magazine.  Betty’s family doesn’t want her working for the magazine, because it makes her feel bad about herself.  And a mysterious caller keeps calling Daniel at work, revealing a secret about the Daniels father.

My Thoughts: 

Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows ever.  This is one of those tv shows where you can never tell whats going to happen.  At the end of every episode it leaves you wanting more.  

America Ferrera plays Betty Suarez.  She does such an amazing job getting herself into character.  She has you rooting for her he whole entire time and you always want Betty to succeed.  Eric Mabius plays Daniel and also does an amazing job getting into character.  He does a great job playing a troubled man who is learning to deal with his stressful job.  Vanessa Williams plays Wilhemina Slater.  She does such a great job becoming this evil character who will do ANYTHING (and when I say anything I mean ANYTHING) to become editor in chief.  She is one of those bad guys who you want to fail, but when you get to see more of her story, also begin to respect.  These 3 are the main characters but the whole cast is really good.  

The story line of ugly betty takes so many twists and turn, that when explained out loud may sound ridiculous  but when you watch are so creative and amazing.  You never want to stop watching.  

All in all Ugly Betty is an amazing tv series that everyone could really get into.  Just watch the first episode and you will be hooked.  

I give Ugly Betty 4 out of 4 stars! 

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Gilmore Girls

So I decided to do something a little different this time.  In the world of screen entertainment, movies are not the only thing that are amazing.  Television shows, I think, are pretty awesome too.  So For this review I’m doing it on the TV show Gilmore Girls.


The 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls focuses on a single mother, Lorelai, and her teenage daughter, Rory, all taking place in the small town of Stars Hollow.

Lorelai had Rory when she was 16.  She comes from a strict upper class family and moved out to Stars Hollow when she had Rory.

16 years later, Loerlai has gotten a top job at the town Inn after working there since she got to Stars Hollow at 16.

Also, Rory is doing very well in school and wants to transfer to a private school called Chilton to make her dreams of going to Harvard come true.  However, Lorelai is forced to ask her parents for a loan because she cant afford Chilton on her own.   When she asks, her parents says they will pay as long as Lorelai and Rory come for weekly dinners, so they can all stay in touch.

This is what kicks off Gilmore Girls in the first episode.  For the rest of season 1 and throughout season 7, audiences watch the Gilmore Girls live life.  From each of their relationships with friends, family and significant others, to all the crazy things that happen in the town of Stars Hollow.  Also, what happens when Christopher, the father of Rory, comes back into the Gilmore Girls lives?  Will Rory make it through Chilton and even go to Hrvard? And what happens with Lorelai’s dreams of opening her own Inn?  Audiences find all this out and more in what I think is one of the best television shows ever.

My Thoughts:

This is my all time favorite television show ever.  From the characters, to the story, to the setting, everything is amazing.

The actress who portrays Lorelai Gilmore, Lauren Graham, does such a good job pulling off her character.  She makes her character so relate able and funny.  She does what many actresses struggle with, making the character a real person.  Anyone who watches Gilmore Girls knows they want to be best friends with Loerelai Gilmore.  Alexis Beldel, who plays Rory, is also amazing.  She also manages to make her character a real person.  She is terrific in every way.  These two actresses relationship in the show is so heartwarming and beautiful.  These characters will always go down in my mind as inspirations.

The script is the other thing that makes this show so unique and special.         Amy Sherman-Palladino brings happiness, joy, heartbreak and any other word you can think of that makes a show amazing.  From the first episode I was hooked and knew this show was going to be great.  I don’t typically every single episode of every single season of a show, because I get bored easily.  However, this show is just so amazing.

One last thing to note about the show is the sets.  The set they have for Stars Hollow is so realistic.  I loved the way the show was able to make Stars Hollow so realistic.  I’m a city boy but after watching this show I really want to live in a small town at some point in my life.

All in all this show is so amazing! It never gets old, and you will find yourself quoting it constantly.  If want a TV show that really makes you sort of go into another world, Gilmore Girls is for you.  If you want a show that you will have on your mind, Gilmore Girls is for you.  Gilmore Girls just makes you feel good when you stop watching.  In fact, I’m actually about to go watch an episode myself.

I give Gilmore Girls 4 out of 4 stars!

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The Princess Diaries


Mia Thermopolis is your typical San Francisco teenager.  She is awkward, not the prettiest girl in school and not the most popular.  She lives with her artist mom in an old fire station and she doesn’t see her father.

One day, Mia finds out that she is the heir to the throne of Genovia, meaning she is the princess.  She then must go after school every day for princess lessons with the Queen.

Princess lessons are hard and Mia doesn’t like them.  Also now Mia has started to get some publicity.  School life and life in general is all starting to change.

Will Mia be able to pull off being a Princess?

My Thoughts:

One of my all time favorites when I was younger, and still is one of my favorites.

The Princess Diaries is one of those fun family movies that is just pure fun to watch.  Nothing intense about it, nothing scary, no violence, just a movie to watch to have a good time.

The movie leaves you feeling good when it finishes.  Th story is very nicely put together, the acting is great and everything comes together to make a great movie.

This was the movie that made Anne Hathaway my favorite actress.  I think this was her first film and was great as usual.  She made the character of Mia totally someone any boy or girl could relate to.  She acted how I would act if I was in her situation.  Julie Andrews who played the Queen was also great.  She managed to be some what of a villain but also a hero which was very interesting to watch.

All in all great movie.  It is appropriate for all ages and will also get everyone to enjoy watching it.  It is good if you need a movie to watch if your bored, if your having a party or need something to watch on a road trip.

I give The Princess Diaries 4 out of 4 stars!



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