The Bling Ring


The Bling Ring follows the lives of 5 troubled teenagers.  These teens have bad lives at home and find closure in steeling things.  

What starts as robbing wallets from open cars, turns into going into fancy residential houses.  Eventually when this gets boring, they start to rob celebrity houses.  They go into houses of such people as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.  

These teens are also thirsty for fame.  And what is their way of “having fun” may give them exactly what they want.  


My Thoughts:

I thought this was a very interesting movie.  I liked how when you start to think about it, there is more to the movie than just watching teens do stupid things.  

When you think about it, the actors all do a good job showing that they are doing this robbing as a sort of cry for help.  You can see that none of them are happy with their everyday lives, so they use this robbing as a source of happiness and source of getting attention.  


The other good thing about this movie was the acting.  The people who played the teens in this movie did a good job making their characters interesting.  They could of very easily made these characters very boring to watch but they managed to make the movie fun to watch.  I enjoyed watching Emma Watson in this movie.  Its cool to see her breaking away from her Hermine Granger Character, and moving into more sophisticated roles.  


The last great thing about this movie was how director, Sophia Coppola, made it very artsy.  There wasn’t very much talking in this movie, more montages of things the teens were doing.  This made it more interesting to watch, and made it less sort of crappy rom-com type of thing.  There were also some great cinematography in this movie.  


All in all this was an enjoyable movie.  Dont go into it thinking you are going to see a comedy, its more a psychological drama, with comedy in it,  in my opinion.  


All in all I give The Bling Ring 3 out of 4 stars!

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