Parks and Recreation


Parks and Reaction is about a women named Leslie Knope, Head of the Parks and Recreation Department in a small town called Pawnee.  

Leslie faces many problems in her job.  She runs into difficult people in her town and sometimes she even faces problems with co-workers and friends.  

But Leslie Knope never backs down.  


My Thoughts: 

Parks and Rec. is one of my favorite shows ever!  Everything about this show makes it the kind of show anyone can get into!

This is one of the funniest most entertaining shows I have ever watched.  Every episode is something different, and the comedy always gets better and better.  The writers are always so creative with their ideas.  This is the kind of show that can cheer you up, and always leaves you wanting more.


Amy Poehler does an amazing job being Leslie Knope.  She does probably the best acting I have ever seen somebody in television do.  She has been nominated for 2 golden globes for this role, and I honestly think she is going to win one if she keeps doing this amazing job!  Everyone else in this amazing ensemble cast is perfect for their roles , which is just another reason this show is so great!

This show is great for everyone!  This show will not fail to make you laugh in any episode.  


All in all I give Parks and Recreation, a perfect, 4 out of 4 stars!



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