What to expect when your expecting


What to expect follows the life of couples who are all taking the huge step of becoming parents.

There is Jules, a famous personal trainer, and Evan who met on dancing with the stars. The fell for each other and eventually Jules is pregnant.

There is Holly and Alex, a married couple who are struggling with finances. The two look into adoption because Holly can’t have children.

There is Wendy and Gary, another married couple. Wendy is a children’s book author who is thrilled when she finds out she is pregnant.

There is also Rosie and Marco, two young fast food truck owners. The two went to high school together and had crushes on each other. What is only supposed I be a one night stand turns into more when Rosie finds out she is pregnant.

And finally there is Ramsey and Skylar. Ramsey is a former race car driver and Skylar is his young wife. Ramsey I the father of Gary, an both couples report their news of pregnancy at a lunch get together.

All these couples are connected in some way. Throughout this movie these couples learn about life and their relationships. But most importantly they learn what it means to be parents and a family, which isn’t what they expected it to be.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this movie! It’s one of those romantic comedies that are just fun to watch. Is it the best movie ever created? No, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it.

The acting is what you would expect for this kind of movie, nothing amazing, but nothing terrible. The actors do their job and make the movie enjoyable and fun to watch. I felt like they were all able to make their character their own.

The storyline is yes predictable but still fun to watch. It did have a couple points where I was surprised though. Some scenes were heartbreaking some scenes were funny and some scenes were even stupid but when it was put all together it was entertaining.

This is the perfect movie to go to with your friends, a good movie party movie or just even a movie to make you laugh.

All in all I give What to Expect When Your Expecting 2 1/2 out of 4 stars!

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