Evelyn Salt is a very respected CIA agent.  She has done many great things for her country and she is trusted by her co-workers.  Outside her job, Evelyn lives a happy life with her husband.

One day a Russian spy comes in with information about how the  President of Russia will be assassinated.  He claims to have the name of the assassin.

It is a shock to everyone when he reports the name of the assassin is Evelyn Salt.  Evelyn claims to not have any knowledge about what this man is talking about.  However when Evelyn runs away from the office when she is wanted to be kept for questioning, she raises some suspicion   She increases this when she continues to avoid the CIA and her co-workers.

This leaves the viewer with the question of who really is Evelyn Salt, and what is she trying to do.

My Thoughts:

I loved this movie! I actually saw it twice in theaters and rented it twice because I enjoyed it so much!

Salt is the definition of the action movie everyone loves and wants to see. Its non stop action and suspense.  It doesn’t have to much explaining like at the beginning of most action movies.  It goes straight into the action.  The action sequences are really intense and I remember jumping a few times seeing it the first time.

The story line has very many twists and turns to it.  I never quite knew what Evelyn Salt was going to do next.  I also never quite knew if I should root for Salt, or think she was a bad guy.  It was fun predicting what was going to happen.

Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, and I think she does a great job!  Its rare that action movies get such a strong hero, let alone having the hero be played by a woman.  Jolie really manages to make her character a really powerful person who sticks out in my mind as one of my favorite movie heroines.  She attacks the action sequences with perfection and captures your attention throughout the whole film.

All in all I give Salt 4 out of 4 stars!

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