It started off as a fun skinny dip in the Atlantic Ocean on a small island beach at night.  Chrissie thinks she will be just fine, and she is.  That is until she swims out to a buoy and is suddenly being pulled under the water by something swimming below her.  She thrashes around for awhile until she is pulled under and doesn’t come back up.

Chrissie remains are  found by chief police Martin Brody.  Brody is told by marine biologist, Matt Hooper that she was killed by a shark.

Nobody on the island thinks to much about this event because its the time of year lots of tourists start to come to the island, and the island can’t afford to close the beach.  However, when more cases of people being killed by a shark are reported and seen, something must be done.

Brody, Hopper and local shark-hunter Quint go on a terrifying adventure to find the shark and kill it.

My Thoughts:

This is probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  This movie is filled with gut tightening suspense, amazing acting and most of all a interesting story line.

This is one of those suspense/horror films that could go terribly wrong and just be flat out bad and not fun to watch, but Jaws is just the opposite.  The director, Steven Spielberg, did an amazing job creating this state of horror and suspense that continues to increase throughout the whole movie.  I don’t think I have ever been so stressed out watching any other movie.  My shoulders were really tight the day after I saw this movie because I was so tense throughout watching the whole movie.

Even though this movie was made in 1975 the special effects were quite impressive.  I was expecting to shark to look really fake and not scary.  I was pleasantly surprised though.  Yes the shark didn’t look very real, but it certainty was frightening.  I jumped almost every time I saw it in the movie.  The Jaws shark is for sure on my top five most scary movie villains list.

The story line was also very clever.  It wasn’t all just scenes of the shark killing people and people running away, it actually had some interesting things happening in it.  The film, I thought, was a good depiction of how a situation like this would be handled in real life.  And that’s what made the movie so much more interesting and frightening to watch.

The acting in this movie is also another to thing to commend.  Roy Scheider (Brody), Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper) and Robert Shaw(Quint) all did a really good job getting into character and making them believable and relatable.  The three also had really good chemistry on screen so I didn’t feel like I was watching a movie the whole time, I kind of felt like I was part of the movie.

All in all Jaws did its job of being a suspenseful, fun, scary and likable movie.  I will admit, I definitely didn’t want to go swimming or want to take a bath for a couple days after the movie.  It definitely deserved its Best Picture nomination that year at the Oscars.

All in all I give Jaws 4 out of 4 stars!

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