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Plot: It all started when Beth Emhoff comes home from a trip from Hong Kong and dies with an unknown disease.  Soon after, her son dies with what looks like to be the same thing.  And it doesn’t stop there. … Continue reading

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Plot: 50/50 is about a man named Adam. Adam is a normal person with a normal life; Good job, good friends and a good girlfriend.  So, of course it’s a surprise when Adam goes to the doctor for back pains … Continue reading

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Plot: Velma Kelly is the star of Chicago. Famous singer/dancer.  Everyone loves her, especially Roxie Hart.  Then one night, Velma is arrested because she killed her sister and husband. Roxie then proceeds to get arrested for killing a man who … Continue reading

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Being John Malcovich

Plot: Being John Malcovich is about a puppetier named Craig Schwartz who is unemployed and his pet obsessed wife, Lotte. Craig gets a job as a file clerk at Lestercorp on floor 7 ½, with low office ceilings.  At work, … Continue reading

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Brokeback Mountain

Plot: Brokeback Mountain is about two men, Enis and Jack, who are looking for jobs.  They both end up getting a job working on Brokeback Mountain, watching the sheep herds and making sure nothing happens to them.  They are all … Continue reading

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The Kids are All Right

Plot: The Kids are All Right is about a family with lesbian mothers, Nik and Jules, and two kids Joni and Lazer. Joni and Lazer are curious about who the sperm donor that their moms used to have them is … Continue reading

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